Reason why Sridivya is upset & Angry !


Recently a Telugu and Hindi film actress, was caught by the police on August 31 in Hyderabad for her alleged involvement in a prostitution racket, she made headlines across the country. It was also reported that she accepted her role in the racket and also provided an explanation for why she was involved in it.

Soon after her arrest, reports of other actors also being involved in the racket began doing the rounds. Tamil and Telugu film actress Sri Divya was one such name that surfaced in media reports.

However, the allegations made against her turned out to be false. The actor in question could not have been in India since she was in Switzerland for the shoot of her upcoming film Tanaa, reported Manorama Online .

The damage, though, had already been done. Social media was quick to respond – Sri Divya’s pictures were shared along with along with this piece of false information.

That Sri Divya was arrested also made news for a while in Andhra Pradesh; the news being false of course. Many publications, especially online portals, published the picture of some woman covering her face along with that of Sri Divya’s. The story and picture were published based on source-based information.

Sri Divya is said to be upset and her manager has now said that they will sue the media organisations that published false reports about her.

*As Published in The News Minute


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