" Jodi Movie Review

Jodi Movie Review

Producers : Sai Venkatesh Gurram, Padmaja
Director : Viswanath Arigela
Music Director : Phani Kalyan
Cinematography : Vishweshwar SV
Starring : Aadi Sai Kumar, Shraddha Srinath, Vennela Kishore, Senior Naresh, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao And Others 

Young hero Aadi Sai Kumar and Shraddha Srinath are playing the lead roles in the film Jodi. The film released today in the theatres. Touted to be a romantic entertainer, the following is the review of the movie. 

Story: Kapil (Aadi) is a young and talented software engineer. He fell for Kanchana Mala (Shraddha Srinath) and they take forward their relationship slowly. Once they decide to get married, Kanchanamala's father becomes an obstacle for their marriage. Though he agrees to the wedding in the beginning, he later calls off the same. Why is it so? What is the reason behind the same? What happened in the end? Forms the story of the movie. 

Performances: Although Jersey is Shraddha Srinath's first release, the actress signed this Jodi movie first. The actress looked beautiful in the movie and has played her part very well. Her performance is the major highlight in the movie. Aadi Sai Kumar is also good in the role he was roped in for. The actor has played the emotions well in the emotional scenes.Gollapudi Maruthi Rao character is a highlight in the film. Naresh is also impressive with his performance in the movie. Pradeep who played the villain too impressed everyone. Vennela Kishore, Satya, and others are also good as per their characters. All the other actors made their presence felt. 

Technical Aspects: The production values of the movie are rich and grand. The camera work of the movie is brilliant. Phani Kalyan's audio album is okay but he impressed with the background score. The editing is good in parts and a few scenes could have been chopped off. The lyrics are nice and the dialogues are apt for all the situations.The director Viswanath chose a good story for the movie and has tried to add some commercial elements. It worked only in parts. The second half of the movie is a little down when compared to the first one. 

Verdict: On the whole, the film is an interesting romantic drama with a routine story. The film is predictable at times but everyone played their part well. All the elements in the movie have come out well and the general audiences would surely love the movie.Shraddha Srinath is also a major asset for the film since her character is completely new and she revealed her other side with the movie. Some of the scenes are badly executed but except for that, the film has come out really well.Jodi is an exciting romantic drama that can be watched once. 

Rating: 8.3/10

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