Actress Nisha Kothari in sexual harassment scene - a look.


"JJ" is a 2003 Tamil film directed by Charan and starring Madhavan in the lead role. Actress Nisha Kothari, 33, was born and raised in Delhi. Her maiden name is Priyanka Kothari. It is noteworthy that he made his debut under the name Amoha in the film "JJ".

Isha Kothari, who has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films, has settled down after marrying Bhaskar Prakash. Actress Nisha Kothari has acted not only in movies but also in many music videos. Is significant. It has now been revealed that actress Nisha Kothari has acted bravely in a sexual harassment scene in this position.

"Thandupalya" is a 2012 Kannada film directed by Srinivas Raju. The film is based on a true story set in the state of Karnataka. One scene in the film featured actress Nisha Kothari being brutally tortured and murdered. I have uploaded some photos of these scenes here Friends. The film was translated into Tamil as "Karimedu" and released.


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