Actress Yashika who opened her mind in low-neck dress.


The horror comedy film "Rogue in the Dark" was released in the Tamil film industry in 2018 starring actor Gautham Karthik. Actress Yashika Anand, aged 20, was born and raised in Chennai.

Following this film, the famous actress Yashika participated in the show "Big Boss Season 2" which was telecast in the world of Tamil television. Actress Yashika Anand has done glamor dance for item songs in a few films.

Currently actress Yashika Anand is suffering without enough film opportunities. Actress Yashika Anand has a habit of clicking on her glamor photos from time to time and uploading them on her social media page for new photo opportunities.

Recently actress Yashika Anand in Rose colored low-neck lehenga choli dress (modern skirt shirt) clicked photos of her beautiful mind entertaining fans and uploaded it on her social web page. Enjoy watching some of these photos uploaded here Friends.


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