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Actress Diah Nicolas in Johannesburg, South Africa, the 20 year old Diah Nicolas had never dreamt of becoming an actress,much less acting in a Telugu film. She was on her trip to India when a talent scout offered her a role in Yamaleela 2. 


"It does make for an interesting story, doesn't it? Contrary to some reports, I am not a model and I had absolutely no dreams of acting in films. My sister was about to get hitched last year and we took off on a holiday to India. And I was literally, discovered on the streets in Mumbai," says Diah, who took a one year break from her law school to act in the film. 

Diah Nicolas is a Tollywood Actress, who works with Telugu movies. She is also a former model before move to film Industry. Diah Nicolas is famous for her 2014 movie Yamaleela 2.

 She is also a beauty queen in Tollywood Industry. Diah Nicolas first film is Yamaleela 2.Ask her how the whole experience of acting in a film was and Diah admits that she still gets scared of facing the camera. 

"It took me a long time to get used to the whole vibe on the sets. Thankfully, SV Krishna Reddy and the lead actor, KV Satish were quite helpful; however, I don't think I am comfortable with facing the camera, despite acting in a film.

 I am still scared of it. But, off screen, anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I am quite a drama queen," she laughs.
The actress reveals that her great grandfather had migrated to South Africa from India; however, her Indian connection is quite minimal.


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