Tamanna poses hot in a low-neck jacket and sari.

Actress Tamanna Patiya, popularly known as Milky Beauty by Tamil film fans, is 30 years old. Actress and model Tamanna Patiya was born and raised in Mumbai.

Actress Tamanna, who is 30 years old and looks very skinny, is not only in cinema but also in real life as the queen of glamor. Actress Tamanna has been giving glamorous treats to the fans by participating in screen festivals, award ceremonies as well as shop opening ceremonies in glamorous outfits.

Aha is a Hyderabad-headquartered OTD (Live Streaming) Internet Service Provider. The company's web service, ahavideo.in, was launched last Sunday.

Actress Tamanna was the special guest at the launch of the website in Hyderabad. Actress Tamanna wore a low-neck jacket and a beautiful jigsaw puzzle to attend the opening ceremony. 

Actress Tamanna wearing a low-neck jacket took part in one of the hottest photoshoots between the festival. Actress Tamanna has entertained the fans with her beautiful mind in these photoshoot photos.

 I have uploaded some of these stunning photoshoot photos of actress Tamanna here Enjoy Friends.


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