The hips are just like the Alva piece- Actress Anika Special.


Cinema actresses and glamor can never be separated. The actresses have been giving glamorous treats to the fans by posing in glamorous outfits for movie opportunities and to keep their fans entertained.

Anika Vikraman is a young actress who has recently made her debut in the Tamil film industry. Born and raised in Bangalore, she is an actress and model. Actress Anika Vikraman has recently starred in "Enga Patton Property" directed by Sukumaran and starring Vimal.

Although actress Anika Vikram played the homely role in the film, she also gave the fans the glamor feast they needed in the song sequences. Apart from this, actress Anika has been participating in glamor photoshoots from time to time and giving a glamorous party to the fans.

 Recently actress Anika Vikram has uploaded the photos of herself entertaining the fans with her beautiful interlude in coffee color saree on her social web page. Fans who see these photos have been jokingly commenting that 'the waist looks like a piece of Alva Alva'.


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