Tamil TV heroine Darsha poses hot in a sari.


Actress Darsha Gupta is a 26 year old TV actress and model born and raised in Coimbatore.

Actress Darsha Gupta started her artistic journey in 2018 by playing the role of 'Manasa' in the series "She and I" which aired in the television world.

Actress Darsha Gupta is currently starring in the Tamil TV series "Minnalay", Senthurappoove ".

It is noteworthy that actress Darsha, who is skinny and beautiful, has long wanted to make her debut in the screen world and become a leading glamor heroine.

It is worth mentioning that actress Darsha regularly participates in exclusive glamor photoshoots for film opportunities and regularly presents a glamorous party to the fans.

 In this position actress Darsha has taken part in a stunning photoshoot to entertain the fans with her melodic vision in saree. I have uploaded some of these photoshoot photos of actress Darsha Gupta here Enjoy Friends.


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